Choroi Flute Oil

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Choroi Flute Oil

Compounded from safe and non-toxic natural linseed oil (also know as flaxseed oil), Choroi Flute Oil will keep the pear wood of your Choroi Pentatonic Flute hydrated and well-nourished.

20 ml (0.68 oz.) in a glass bottle

Ages 6 and up

Made in the EU 

More About This Product

It is necessary to oil your wooden flute regularly, at least once a month, inside and out.

To oil inside the inside of the flute, place some drops of oil on the swabbing paper (enclosed with the flute) at the tip of the swab.

In addition, place a drop of oil on the mouthpiece, whenever the wood in this area appears lighter in color.

Recommended for our Choroi Quinta Pentatonic Flute, as well as other unvarnished wooden flutes and recorders.

Choroi Pentatonic Flute Oil

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