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  1. Ostheimer Rabbit Hutch
  2. Easter Egg Beeswax Candle
  3. Bunny Rabbit Beeswax Candle, Easter Basket
  4. Easter Bunny, Rabbit Beeswax Candle
  5. Beeswax Candle, Bunny Rabbit with Easter Wagon
  6. Fair Trade Wool Felt Sheep Finger Puppet
  7. Fair Trade Finger Puppet Rabbit
  8. Covered Woven Lunch Basket, Peru
  9. Child's Small Bolga Market Basket (colors vary)
  10. Peter Rabbit Porcelain Baby Dish Set - Peter in the Garden, Beatrix Potter
  11. Swing Handle Bolga Basket

    Swing Bolga Basket

  12. Organic Cotton Bunny Purse, Beige
  13. I Love My Dandelions CD by Annie Nixon
  14. Ostheimer Flower Children, Rose, 24808
  15. Ostheimer Flower Children, Marguerite, Daisy, 24804
  16. Ostheimer Flower Children, Sunflower, 24801
  17. Ostheimer Flower Children, Pansy, 24805
  18. Ostheimer Flower Children, Gentian, 24807
  19. Ostheimer Flower Children, Lily, 24806
  20. Felted Chicks - Wool Felting Kit

    Felted Chicks Kit

  21. Ostheimer Hen House, Made in Germany
  22. Walking Bunny Rabbit, Wooden Toy, Germany
  23. Hand Stitching Kit Rabbit
  24. Tales from Woodfield Rabbit Paper Doll Kit
  25. Wooden Candle Holder - Spring Decoration, Bunny & Snowdrop
  26. Ostheimer Rabbit, Brown, Small
  27. Ostheimer Rabbit, Brown, Lying
  28. Ostheimer Rabbit, Black and White, Standing
  29. Ostheimer Rabbit, Black and White, Small
  30. Ostheimer Rabbit, Black and White, Sitting
  31. Ostheimer Rabbit, Ears Low
  32. Needle Felting Kit, Woolpets Chickens
  33. Needle Felting Kit, Woolpets, Sleepy Sheep
  34. Needle Felting Kit, Woolpets Bunny Rabbit
  35. Needle Felting Kit, Woolpets, Sheep
  36. Felted Easter Eggs Kit for Spring

    Felted Eggs Kit

  37. Organic Sleepy Lamb with Cherry Stone Filling
  38. Organic Cotton Bunny Rabbit - Girl
  39. Organic Cotton Bunny Rabbit Boy, Stuffed Animal
  40. Organic Beige Bunny Rabbit, Soft Toy
  41. Ostheimer Sheep, Eating - 11602
  42. Traditional Egg and Spoon Race Game
  43. Ostheimer Sheep, Eating
  44. Ostheimer Lamb, Standing
  45. Ostheimer Lamb, Resting
  46. Haba Wooden Eggs

    Haba Wooden Eggs

  47. Ostheimer, Duckling, 13215
  48. Ostheimer Duck, Swimming 13212
  49. Ostheimer, Chick, Yellow, 13118
  50. Ostheimer, Chick, Brow, 13119
  51. Rabbit in Tree, Waldorf Wooden Puzzle
  52. Organic Knitted Duck Kit
  53. HABA Dancing Eggs Game
  54. Crafts Through the Year, Thomas and Petra Berger
  55. Festivals Together: Guide to Multicultural Celebrations
  56. Eggs for the Hunting by Reg Down, Easter, Spring stories
  57. haba duck wooden pull toy
  58. Kathe Kruse Bunny Rabbit Blanket/Towel Doll
  59. Play Silks, Playsilks, Sarahs Silks

    Play Silks

  60. The Story of the Butterfly Children
  61. Eco-Kids, Eco-Eggs, Natural Egg Coloring Kit
  62. Grow Your Own Easter Grass Kit
  63. Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating Kit for Kids
  64. Blas-Fix Egg Blowing Tool

    Blas-Fix Egg Blower


    Out of stock

  65. Spring: A Collection of Poems, Songs, and Stories for Young Children, Wynstones Press
  66. Wooden Candle Holder, Easter Decoration, Bunny & Daffodil
  67. Organic Wool Easter Grass, Plant-Dyed

67 Item(s)

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