Man in the Moon Pentatonic Lyre

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The charming moon shape of this pentatonic lyre is sure to delight young musicians as well as adults! And what more beautiful way to help a baby or toddler to drift off to sleep?

This heavenly 11-string pentatonic lyre produces gentle, sweet melodies and requires no previous musical experience.

Hand-crafted in the USA from sustainably-sourced solid cherry, the Man in the Moon Lyre features a resonating body and a back made from Baltic birch.

Includes a pick, tuning wrench, and song booklet.

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SIZE :  17" x 8" x 1½"

AGES : 5 years and up


More About This Product

What's the Difference Between a  Harp and a Lyre?

Even though the two terms are often used interchangeably when referring to these pentatonic stringed instruments, there is a difference.

A pentatonic harp has strings that can be played from either side of the instrument, whereas a lyre's strings can only be strummed or plucked from one side.

Further, a harp is open and has no resonating body or sound hole. The Man in the Moon Lyre has a resonating body with a sound hole on the back, which technically makes it a lyre and not a harp.

This high-quality, affordable instrument makes it a wonderful choice for home use, and a lovely, thoughtful gift.

Main in the Moon Pentatonic Lyre

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