Meadow Lyre - Pentatonic Lyre

Meadow Lyre - Pentatonic Lyre

The Meadow Lyre is a professionally engineered instrument, handcrafted in the USA from one solid piece of cherry wood.

Included Accessories: An extra set of strings, turning wrench, felt accessory pouch, and an instruction booklet that describes care and use of the lyre.

We recommend conditioning the wood periodically with our Beeswax Polish from Three BEEautiful Bees.

Solid cherry hardwood, brass, steel

21" long x 7" wide x 1.75" thick

Made in USA

Gift wrapping not available

Please see the video below in which I demonstrate how to tune and play a kinder harp / kinder lyre!

Because of recent quality concerns with the Meadow Lyre, we are now recommending the Song of the Sea Pentatonic Harp

More About This Product

Tuned to the pentatonic (five-note) scale, the Meadow Lyre (known interchangeably as a pentatonic lyre, kinder lyre or kinder harp) provides an ethereal tone with a delicate volume and a rich resonance.

Used in early childhood classrooms through third grade in Waldorf schools worldwide, a pentatonic lyre captivates children with an unembellished tonality that promotes a calm and centered classroom.

To play, one cradles the lyre in the left arm and strums it with the right hand. It can also be played by plucking individual strings. Because of its pentatonic tuning, whatever is played will sound harmonious and in tune, making it an ideal instrument for sharing with your children, even if you are a non-musician.

The graceful sculpted form encourages the player to position the lyre so that they may either sit comfortably or walk and play (which is why many Waldorf teachers enjoy the Meadow Lyre).

Meadow Lyre - Pentatonic Lyre

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Customer Reviews

Pure Tone by Richard (on 9/5/10)
"Lyres are simply the best instruments for producing true tone with an etheric quality. They create an atmosphere unlike any other. The Meadow Lyre is perfect for bedtime. The cherry wood is beautiful and is a delight to play.

The first one we received was actually defective, but a replacement was sent immediately, and no shipping charge to return.