Silk Scapes by Sarah's Silks

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Beautiful and generously sized, Silk Scapes from Sarah's Silks are ideal for draping over a pair of Waldorf playstands with wooden play clips.

Now available in your choice of five gorgeous color combinations:

  • Rainbow
  • Starry Night (print)
  • Blossom (pink and lavender)
  • Fire (red and orange)
  • Sea (blue and green)

How else can colorful Silk Scapes be used? Some of the many possibilities include:

  • Make a bed canopy over a bed
  • Drape over two chairs to build a fort
  • Become the backdrop for a play
  • Create a hideaway
  • Hang in a doorway to make a puppet theater
  • To wrap oneself in
  • To run underneath while two people hold the ends

While silk fabric may not be recognized by many adults as a plaything, play silks are classic Waldorf toys—open ended, pleasing to the senses, and inviting imaginative play.

More About This Product

SIZE :  9 feet long x 3 feet wide

MATERIAL : 100% silk

CARE : Wash by hand or machine (gentle cycle)

ORIGIN : Made in China and USA

While I taught in a Waldorf kindergarten, I used a Rainbow Play Scape when celebrating each child's birthday. The silk was draped over the birthday table, set with candles and flowers, before the special birthday story was told. It represented the "rainbow bridge" in the story, over which the birthday child slid to make their journey from heaven to earth.

Silk Scape, Rainbow - Sarah's Silks

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