Blackboard Chalk - White

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Blackboard Chalk - White

This high quality European blackboard chalk allows one to write on a blackboard without producing chalk dust or leaving chalky fingers. 

Child-safe and non-toxic.

Pack of 12

Length: 3.15"

Diameter: 0.37"

Made in the Netherlands

Meets or exceeds EU safety testing standards


More About This Product

Did you know that brand new chalkboards (including our small Kids Chalkboard) need to be "primed?" Without doing this first, the chalk will not cling well to the board, and may even be repelled by the paint.

To prime your board, first take a piece of white chalk and rub it lengthwise over the entire surface of the board -- first vertically, then horizontally. Then rub the chalk in well with a soft cloth. The goal is to fill the microscopic pores of the surface with the chalk.

Finally wipe the board clean with a felt eraser, and your board is ready to use! 



White Dustless Blackboard Chalk

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