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Color Chart Rally - Wooden Blocks Set

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This richly colored set of rectangular wooden blocks was designed by award-winning German toymaker Grimm's Spiel + Holz to help children develop their creativity through simple shapes that leave room for the imagination.

The Color Chart Rally - Wooden Blocks Set includes 73 pieces total:

  • 58 Rectangles (29 color chart pairs)
  • 15 Blocks of Various Sizes
  • Cardboard Storage Box/Tray

Set them up and knock them down like dominos, use them to construct buildings and towers, or just spread them enjoy the vibrant colors!

Includes two of each color, so you can play color matching games as well.

Hand sanded with no sharp edges or corners, the blocks are stained, not varnished.

They're lightweight, but less slippery than varnished blocks, which makes them easier for little hands to grasp.

These beautifully colored blocks are not only a toy, but also a work of art!

They look lovely displayed and will certainly invite play and conversation among your guests.

Use alone or add to your natural blocks for a splash of color!

  • SIZE : Blocks vary in size from 1½" x 1½" to 2½" x 1½"
  • ORIGIN : Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • GIFT BAG : GIFT BAGS are available for this product.

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