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Mary's Little Donkey

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Mary's Little Donkey by Gunhild Sehlin is the story of a dirty and stubborn little donkey who hated hard work and is of no use to anyone in Nazareth.

But when he meets the kind and gentle Mary, he becomes a quick and willing helper and carries Mary to Bethlehem where she gives birth to her child.

The donkey hopes to carry Mary and her son back to Nazareth, but instead learns that the family must flee to far-away Egypt. Selflessly, the donkey carries Mary and her baby through the desert. Finally, they return home where the donkey joins the other animals in Mary's stable who welcome him.

A beautifully told alternative to the traditional Christmas story, and ideal family reading during the season of Advent.

About the Author:

Gunhild Sehlin (1911-1997) was a teacher in Sweden before working with children in Jerusalem and Amman, Jordan. Mary's Little Donkey has been translated into many languages and this charming Christmas story has been enjoyed by children around the world.

Softcover; 160 pages.

  • AGES : To be read aloud to children ages 6-8, or for children ages 8-10 to read to themselves.
  • ORIGIN : Made in United Kingdom
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