Jim Weiss Greek Myths, Audiobook CD

Greek Myths by Jim Weiss - Audiobook

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This award-winning collection of stories in Greek Myths - Audiobook will fascinate listeners of all ages.

Acclaimed storyteller Jim Weiss weaves in just enough background information to make the stories meaningful to children.

Greek Mythology is a core subject for fifth graders in Waldorf education.

While these stories will be enjoyed by children of all ages, they speak especially deeply to the hearts of 9- to 10-year-olds, who are in what many call the golden age of childhood.

While some of the stories bring up interesting moral issues (greed and generosity, boastfulness and humility), others are rip-roaring tales of adventure that have fascinated humans for centuries.

Greek includes:

  • “King Midas and the Golden Touch”
  • “The Adventures of Hercules”
  • “Perseus and Medusa”
  • “Arachne”

These stories are so gripping, they may just ace out the TV!

Booklist Editor's Choice Award

  • LENGTH : 60 minutes
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