Jim Weiss Audiobook, Sweet Dreams Bedtime Stories CD

Sweet Dreams by Jim Weiss - Audiobook

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Even the most reluctant sleeper will fall under the irresistible spell of these six bedtime stories in Sweet Dreams - Storytelling CD!

Told in the gentle, calming voice of acclaimed storyteller Jim Weiss, each tale is a journey into a charming and peaceful landscape, designed to bring forth feelings of serenity, happiness and security.

Scenes are full of rich sensory details that help calm busy minds: light filtering through the trees, warm sun on arms and neck, bare feet wading in the stream.

Soothing music follows each story, and there is a pause between each story in order to turn off the CD once the child has fallen asleep.

Total Length: One Hour

Stories include:

  • "The Forest Cottage"
  • "The Pond"
  • "Behind the Waterfall"
  • "The Toy Shop"
  • "The Desert Retreat"
  • "The Cove"

Winner of the Parents' Guide to Children's Media Award


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