Big Stamp Two Toes, The Barefoot Giant

Big Stamp Two Toes the Barefoot Giant by Reg Down

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Big-Stamp Two-Toes the Barefoot Giant is the third book in the series of stories about the fairy Tiptoes Lightly by beloved storyteller Reg Down.

Big-Stamp is a collection of spring tales, when nature is renewing itself and coming to life again.

Tiptoes Lightly and her friends Jemima Mouse, Chit-Chat the Chipmunk, and Tom Nutcracker enjoy adventures deep in the forest, before Tiptoes sets sail down to the sea on a leaf where she meets Spinner the Dolphin.

Pine Cone and Pepper Pot, the gnomes, sail to Pixie Island and hear the story of how the blue and yellow Forget-Me-Not got its name.

Later, Tiptoes and the gnomes hear how "The Rock," a great boulder, landed in the middle of the forest because of the barefoot giant, Big-Stamp Two-Toes!

Charmingly illustrated by the author, these nature tales are full of reverence, magic, and humor.

Paperback, 100 pages.

About the Author:

Father of three, teacher and author Reg Down has lived in South Africa, Namibia, Ireland, and Canada. He is the author of The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly and 12 other beloved children's books directly inspired by his work with kindergarten and early elementary school children. Reg Down has taught eurythmy (a movement and gesture art) in Waldorf schools in the U.S, Canada and Australia, and served on the faculty of Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California.

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