The Magic Knot & Other Tangles, Reg Down

The Magic Knot by Reg Down

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The Magic Knot & Other Tangles, by beloved storyteller Reg Down, features the further adventures of the fairy Tiptoes Lightly.

Tiptoes makes her home inside an acorn, high in the branches of the Great Oak Tree. As cozy as it is, Tiptoes' home has no furniture, so her gnome friends, Pine Cone and Pepper Pot, decide to make a tiny table and three chairs for her birthday!

Searching the woods for a "perfect branch," the gnomes enlist the help of their woodland friends.

Complications arise, followed by a comedy of unforeseen mishaps:  They free Pepper Pot who has become "flyed" in a spider web, travel down Running River to collect wax from the bees, and finally haul the finished table and chairs up the oak tree to surprise TIptoes.

The Magic Knot & Other Tangles is charmingly illustrated by the author.

These are sweet and magical stories, suitable for reading aloud to younger children, or for early readers to read alone.

Soft cover, 100 pages

  • AGES : 4-9 (although older children and adults love them, too!)
  • SIZE : 9" X 6"
  • ORIGIN : Made in United States
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