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The Pumpkin Painter

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While the young animals collect nuts, they encounter a strange little man in the magical forest. Each finding the other different and peculiar, the animals and the little man begin to quarrel.

Hearing the exchange of unkind words, Mama Louisa and Papa Louis come out of their cozy cottage to help make peace.

Papa Louis tells a story of a Gargantuan Pumpkin and Peter Peter Pumpkin Painter who paints the world with beautiful autumn colors, while Mama Louisa bakes a batch of Positively Perfect Pumpkin Muffins.

Will Papa’s story and Mama’s muffins work their magic to bring peace to the forest?

The Pumpkin Painter is a beautifully illustrated new book by Jennifer Matthai Garner, a homeschooling mama who draws inspiration from the mountains of North Carolina. The book also includes verses, four songs, and the recipe for Mama's "Positively Perfect Pumpkin Muffins" that children can bake themselves!

42 pages, hardcover.

  • SIZE : 8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • ORIGIN : Made in United States
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