Wooden Knitting Fork (Lucet) and Plant-Dyed Wool Yarn

Knitting Fork with Rainbow Yarn

$ 24.00

Our durable wooden Knitting Fork (also known as a lucet) is an easy way to introduce children to the art of knitting.

Lucet knitting is a traditional craft that dates back to medieval times.

The lucet, a lyre-shaped handtool, was employed to create sturdy cords that were used for attachments in clothing or to hang items from a belt, since, back then, there were were no handy metal clasps or snaps.

The lucet was widely used until machine-made cords came along in the 19th century.

This set includes plant-dyed 100% organic wool Rainbow Yarn for your first project!

Simple hand and finger movements create a loose, springy chain that can be used as a cord, in garlands, or sewn into a variety of shapes.

Children will watch with eager fascination as the strand of knitted yarn grows longer and longer as their busy hands work!

A terrific exercise for building fine motor skills.

  • SIZE : 6.5"L
  • AGES : 4 and up
  • MATERIALS : Hardwood, organic plant-dyed wool 
  • ORIGIN : Made in Germany

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