Double Dutch Jump Rope - 16 Foot
Jump Rope, Just Jump It, 8 ft Single, Raspberry
Jump Rope, Just Jump It, 8 ft Single, Blue
Jump Rope, Just Jump It, 8 ft Single, Purple
Jumprope, Close up, Raspberry

Double Dutch Jump Rope - 16 Foot

$ 14.00

At 16 feet long, our Double Dutch Jump Rope is twice as long as our single jump rope, and three times as much fun!

The heft of this high quality jumping rope responds smoothly to changes in speed, giving double dutch jumpers perfect loops.

Jumping rope is a wonderful and important movement activity for kids. This timeless activity not only develops a child's agility, balance and coordination, but gross motor movement also helps their brain development.

Double Dutch Ropes measure 16 feet long, the perfect size for two jumpers, and are available in your choice of three bright confetti colors:

  • Raspberry
  • Blue
  • Purple

Knotted instead of handled, these colorful jumping ropes fit jumpers of all sizes without the need for cutting or retying.

Important Safety Information

For children 5 years of age and older

Jump Ropes are designed for jump roping only. Do not use them to tie up things, people or pets.

The Jump Rope (single and double) should only be used in an open area such as a garage, a back yard or a field. Proper footwear is essential when jumping rope to prevent injury. Wear closed toed shoes that have shock absorbing qualities. Running shoes or shoes designed for sports where you jump like basketball, work great.

  • SIZE : 16'L, 5/16" diameter
  • MATERIAL : High quality braided nylon over a recycled cotton core.
  • CARE : When you’re finished with your Jump Rope, just coil it up and put it away in a dry place. To wash it, you can put it in a bucket of warm soapy water and swish it around. Scrub lightly with a scrubby sponge or brush to remove tough stains, or simply throw it in the washing machine inside a mesh washing bag.
  • ORIGIN : Made in China

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