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Claves - Rhythm Sticks

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Claves (pronounced klah-veys) are a traditional rhythm instrument rooted in Latin music. Just clack them together for a lively sound!

One of the most basic elements of music, rhythm is fun and easy to teach to children, and its also an essential part of their music education.

In Latin music, claves are used to keep the band in time and are often played on the off beats or between notes.

How to play: Hold one clave loosely laid on top of the palm within curled fingers while you strike firmly with the other at a right angle.

Try this circle game: The leader taps out a rhythm by clicking the claves or by tapping her shoe on the floor. The children, each with a pair of claves, are then challenged to tap out the rhythm played by the leader. 

See Sarah's blog post "When Should My Child Begin Music Lessons?" for information on the benefits of teaching music to children.

  • SIZE : 7" L
  • MATERIAL : Coconut
  • INCLUDES : A pair of claves, instructions for playing various rhythmic patterns, and a history of the instrument.
  • ORIGIN : Indonesia
  • GIFT BAG : GIFT BAGS are available for this product.

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