Rocking Toys help develop a child's sense of balance and build core strength. The back-and-forth rocking motion of these wooden toys are soothing and calming, and particularly beneficial for children with sensory processing issues. Bella Luna Toys offers a unique collection of heirloom-quality wooden rocking toys that are built to last for generations.
Labyrinth Balance Board Balls Sold Out

Extra Set of Marbles for Labyrinth Balance Board

$ 5.00

Labyrinth Balance Board Junior - Replacement Marbles

Extra Set of Marbles for Labyrinth Junior Balance Board

$ 5.00

Labyrinth Wooden Balance Board  Junior

Labyrinth Junior Balance Board

$ 69.00

Labyrinth Wooden Balance Board Bestseller

Labyrinth Wooden Balance Board

$ 95.00

Moover Rocking Horse, Natural

Moover Wooden Rocking Horse

$ 184.00

Waldorf Wooden Rocker Board - Curvy Board Bestseller

Original Waldorf Rocker Board

$ 149.00

Wooden Balance Board Sprint

Sprint! Labyrinth Wooden Balance Board

$ 85.00

Wooden Rocking Boat Bestseller

Wooden Rocking Boat / Bridge

$ 310.00

Bajo-classic-traditional-wooden-rocking-horse Sold Out

Classic Wooden Rocking Horse

$ 160.00