I Love to Be Me, Pentatonic Songs

I Love to Be Me - Book of Pentatonic Songs

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I Love to Be Me is a lovely collection of pentatonic songs with 32 songs in the "mood of the fifth" for young children, aged 5- to 9-years-old.

Channa A. Seidenberg compiled this delightful collection while working with children. The music is composed using a seven-stringed lyre in the pentatonic scale, and it can easily be played using any pentatonic instrument.

Channa studied music and voice at Hunter College and privately in New York City. She trained in Switzerland as a music therapist in social therapeutic settings and works in upstate New York with adults in Camphill Village and Triform Camphill Community, and with children at the Hawthorne Valley School.

She is helping to bring about a therapeutic singing training in the United States. She is on the faculty of the Concordia Anthroposophic Music Study Program and is a member of the Board of the Lyre Association of North America.

I Love to Be Me is beautifully illustrated in color, with 24 charming watercolor illustrations by Kingsley Lou Little, which help bring the words and music to life.

A wonderful songbook to accompany our Pentatonic Children's Harp - Kinder Lyre!

Paperback, 60 pages, 8" x 8".


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