This is the Way We Wash-a-Day by Mary Thienes Schunemann, Songbook and Audio CD

This is the Way We Wash-a-Day: Songbook and CD

$ 24.95

Many parents have asked me over the years for a songbook with a CD of songs to sing throughout the day with their children. I am delighted to finally introduce that book! This is the Way We Wash-a-Day was written and recorded by Mary Thienes Schunemann, a Waldorf teacher and music educator.

With total of 59 songs, this invaluable set includes songs in the following categories:

  • Traditional Work Songs
  • Household Songs
  • In the Garden
  • In the Kitchen
  • Taking Care of Yourself
  • Activity Songs
  • Special Times

Mary's clear, angelic voice makes learning the songs pure pleasure.

This set is for anyone who wants to discover the joy of singing and practice singing through the day with children! Sheet music is included, but even if one does not read music, you can learn the songs by listening to the included CD!

Includes charming illustrations by Lura Schwarz-Smith and an exclusive interview with Pete Seeger on the importance of work songs.

  • SIZE : 11 x 8.4 x 0.3 inches
  • ORIGIN : Made in United States
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