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Blackboard Chalk
Kid's Chalkboard and Colored Chalk
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Kids Chalkboard & Eraser Set with Chalk

$ 35.00

Lap chalkboards are a smaller version of a normal chalkboard and are an eco-friendly alternative for practicing writing and math skills without wasting paper!

Our Kids Chalkboard & Eraser Set with Chalk is a wonderful learning tool, whether it's being used for homeschool, practicing math problems or creating blackboard drawings. Its classic look also makes it fun for playing school!  

How to "Prime" your new chalkboard before use:

  • Lay a stick of white chalk on its side and cover your entire board liberally with chalk. This will fill in all the pores of the surface.
  • Rub it in with a dry cloth and then erase.
  • Repeat.

Purchase our lap-sized kids chalkboard and felt eraser together with our full-sized set of colored chalk (12 colors) from Mercurius and save $3.00!

Because of the soft nature of this chalk, we cannot guarantee that sticks of chalk will not break in shipping. This should not affect their usability.

    • MATERIALS : Formaldehyde-free masonite board with lead-free chalkboard paint. Safety-tested to be free of harmful chemicals. Eraser, felt.
    • SIZE : Chalkboard, 10" x 16" with rounded corners; Eraser, 5" x 2.17" x 1.57"
    • ORIGIN : Chalkboard made in USA; chalk and eraser made in Germany
    • ORIGIN : Made in United States

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