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The Wonder of Lullabies: Songbook and CD

$ 24.95

Every parent in the world has a favorite lullaby they sing to soothe their baby to sleep. In this beautiful book by Waldorf teacher Mary Thienes-Shunemann, you'll find a collection of rhymes and songs to sing your child to sleep, night after night.

In this beautiful book, you'll learn new lullabies gathered from countries all over the world including songs like "Hush Little Baby," "Raisins and Almonds," "Close Your Eyes," "Bayushki Bayu" and "Duermete, Nino," among others.

There are no moments more precious than singing verses to a child in your arms as you gently rock them to sleep. These lullabies will be ones your children will remember for decades, and perhaps sing to children of their own one day, too.

Even if you don't read music, the included audio CD with Mary's angelic voice will help you learn the tunes by ear!

Spiral-bound; 39 pages.

  • SIZE : 11 x 8.4 x 0.3 inches 
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