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Play Silks Sets

$ 89.00

Because one play silk is never enough!

Most Waldorf teachers would agree that a basket of play silks is one of the best "toys" you could give a child to invite imaginative play.

Colorful play silks can become a skirt, a veil, a cape, or a pirate's sword. They become landscapes for toys and puppet plays. They add color and beauty when draped over playstands or windows. Their uses are truly endless.

Available in the following color combinations:

  • Set of 6 Jewel Tones: Red, Orange, Emerald, Turquoise, Royal Blue, and Purple
  • Set of 6 Pastel Tones: Pink, Salmon, Yellow, Lime, Sky, and Lavender
  • Set of 5 Enchanted Play Silks: Rainbow, Blossom, Sea, Starry Night and Fire

Add your own basket and start your own beautiful tradition of dress-up and imaginative play in your home!

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  • SIZE : Each play silk is 35 inches square
  • MATERIAL : 100% pure silk dyed with non-toxic, child-safe dyes
  • ORIGIN : Made in China

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