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Wooden Sunset Puzzle Blocks

$ 58.00

O, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.

This beautiful 10-Piece Wooden Sunset Toy has been handcrafted from a single tree trunk and dyed with rich and natural non-toxic colors.

Part blocks set and part puzzle, children will be challenged to fit the pieces in the proper sequence, but they can also build with these colorful pieces in so many creative ways. A truly open-ended toy that will invite hours of imaginative play!

When it's not being played with, it becomes a beautiful conversation piece for your home.

  • SIZE : Base: 9.75 L x 4.75 H x 2.75 W; Largest arch: 9" L x 4" H 2.75 W; Smallest solid arch: 2.125 L x .75 H 2.75 W
  • MATERIAL : Made from sustainably-harvested maple and beech wood; Finished with non-toxic, water-based stains
  • ORIGIN : Made in Germany

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