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Waldorf Wooden Paint Jar Holder

$ 28.00

These Wooden Paint Jar Holders, commonly used in Waldorf classrooms, keep paint close at hand and prevent spills.

Handcrafted by a friend and woodworker in Maine, our paint jar holders are made of beautiful cherry wood and sealed with organic beeswax polish. 

Available in two sizes:

  • 3-Jar Holder made (recommended for pre-school and kindergarten ages)
  • 6-Jar Holder made (recommended for older children and adults)

    Both include the appropriate number of 2-oz glass jars with lids.

    Here's a song that I would sing to my class at the beginning of every painting day:

    Rainbow, lovely glow 
    Put some color in my hand 
    Together we'll paint a fairy land!

    • SIZE : 3-Jar Holder:  8.75"L; 6-Jar Holder: 15.75"L; Jars: 2" dia. x 2"H
    • MATERIAL : Cherry
    • ORIGIN : Made in United States

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