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  1. Baby Lovey, Sarah's Silks, Rainbow

    Silk Baby Lovey

  2. Grimm's Soft Rainbow Ball - Baby, Toddler Toy
  3. Nanchen Star Baby Waldorf Doll
  4. Nanchen Organic Baby Rattle - Banana
  5. Nanchen Doll - Organic Carrot Baby Rattle
  6. Peapod Rattle Doll - Nanchen, Germany
  7. Nicki Baby Waldorf Doll, Kathe Kruse, Striped
  8. Nicki Baby, Kathe Kruse, Light Blue
  9. Nicki Baby Waldorf Doll, Kathe Kruse, Green
  10. Kathe Kruse Nicki Baby Angel Doll, White

    Blue Nicki Angel Doll

  11. Kathe Kruse Nicki Baby Angel Doll, White

    Rose Nicki Angel Doll

  12. Kathe Kruse Nicki Baby Angel Doll, White

    White Nicki Angel Doll

  13. Kathe Kruse Gugguli Rose Angel Waldorf Doll
  14. Kathe Kruse Gugguli Angel Waldorf Doll, Light Blue
  15. Nanchen Guardian Angel Waldorf Doll, Light Skin
  16. Guardian Angel Waldorf Doll, Dark Skin
  17. Kathe Kruse Bear Blanket Doll Navy Blue
  18. Kathe Kruse Bunny Rabbit Blanket/Towel Doll
  19. Kathe Kruse Waldorf Blanket Doll Blue
  20. Kathe Kruse Gugguli Waldorf Doll Red Emrboidered
  21. Kathe Kruse Gugguli Waldorf Doll Blue Embroidered
  22. Papa Gnome Waldorf Doll

    Papa Gnome Waldorf Doll


    Out of stock

  23. Mama Gnome Waldorf Doll - Handmade in Germany
  24. Nanchen Organic Waldorf Doll - Pink Stripes
  25. Nanchen Organic Waldorf Baby Doll, Natural Striped
  26. Nanchen Organic Waldorf Cuddle Doll - Blue Stripes
  27. Organic Beige Bunny Rabbit, Soft Toy
  28. Organic Teddy Bear, Beige
  29. Organic Brown Teddy Bear, Brown, Made in Germany
  30. Organic Cotton Plush Puppy Dog, Germany
  31. Organic Hedgehog Soft Toy

    Organic Brown Hedgehog

  32. Organic Cotton Plush Brown Horse, Germany
  33. Organic Soft Plush Donkey, Cotton & Wool, Made in Germany
  34. Organic Cotton Bunny Rabbit - Girl
  35. Organic Cotton Bunny Rabbit Boy, Stuffed Animal
  36. Organic Sleepy Lamb with Cherry Stone Filling
  37. Organic Cotton Goose Warming Pillow
  38. Organic White Bunny Rabbit Warming Pillow, cherry stone filling
  39. Silk Baby Blanket, Sarah's Silks, Rainbow
  40. Sheepskin Rug for Babies and Toddlers

    Sheepskin Baby Rug


40 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction

Soft Toys | Organic Plush Toys Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf education, described babies as being "all sense organ." Babies and toddlers are taking in the world and learning about its workings through all of their senses, therefore it is important to give them soft toys and playthings that will nourish their delicate sense of touch. The soft and plush toys we carry at Bella Luna Toys are made of organic and natural fibers, such as cotton, wool, and silk, to appeal to a baby's sense of touch, and which have a calming and soothing quality.

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