Roger la Borde Christmas Conifer Pop & Slot 3D Advent Calendar - Bella Luna Toys
Roger la Borde Christmas Conifer Pop and Slot Advent Calendar Pieces - Bella Luna Toys

Christmas Conifer - Pop & Slot 3D Advent Calendar

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The world's loveliest Christmas tree is this beautifully illustrated Christmas Conifer Pop & Slot 3D Advent Calendar. 

This calendar comes with two pieces of cardboard: one that serves as a pretty background and another that comes with cut-out figures that children can assemble by adding a new piece each day from December 1 till Christmas Eve.

Designed in London and illustrated by American artist Katie Vernon, this unique 3D diorama calendar can also be displayed on a seasonal table or used as a fun play set throughout the winter season! 

A fun family tradition, this advent calendar can be re-used every year as an advent calendar or as a finished holiday decoration.

Features one giant pine tree adorned with winter animals.

  • SIZE : 8.3 inches tall x 5.8 inches wide
  • MATERIAL : Cardboard
  • ORIGIN : Designed in London; printed in China
  • GIFT BAG : GIFT BAGS are available for this product.

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