Graphite Twig Pencils - 7 inch

Graphite Twig Pencils

$ 12.00

This bundle of 10 Twig Pencils is handcrafted from natural, recycled tamarind wood with graphite.

The organic texture of the natural bark makes these pencils easy to grasp and stimulating to a child's sense of touch.

And they make writing more fun! (Adults will enjoy them, too.)

Non-toxic and certified to be free of lead and heavy metals.

Note that these pencils do not fit in a standard pencil sharpener and must be sharpened with a knife.

  • SIZE : 7 inches long; width varies
  • INCLUDES : 10 Pencils
  • ORIGIN : Handmade in Thailand
  • GIFT BAG : GIFT BAGS are available for this product.

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