Kid's Rope Climber - Bella Luna Toys - Climbing
Kid's Rope Climber - Bella Luna Toys - Swinging

Kid's Rope Climber

$ 60.00

Our Rope Climber is more than just a rope! Kids can climb it like a ladder using the hand and toe rubber discs or use it as a tree swing by standing or sitting on the bottom disc.

Kids can become firefighters, jungle dwellers, hang from Rapunzel's hair or pretend they are swinging from a helicopter. Makes a great "entrance" to a treehouse or loft hideaway.

Hang from a swing set or tree branch with our Easy Tree Hanger (sold separately). Hang over soft surfaces for safety.

Ages 4 and up. Adult installation required.

  • SIZE : Approximately 78 inches long
  • CAPACITY : 250 lbs.
  • MATERIALS : Rubber and nylon
  • CARE : Check ropes and rungs regularly for wear.  Rope will, in time, degrade.  If color of rope has become pale or if it frays easily or gives off a powdery material when rubbed between fingers, we recommend replacing the rope.
  • ORIGIN : Made in China
  • GIFT BAG : Gift bags are unavailable for this product due to the size or shape of the item.

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