Mini Brass Candle Snuffer

Mini Brass Candle Snuffer

$ 8.00

Lighting a candle is a special way to observe the "rhythm of the day," and is often used in Waldorf education. Lighting a candle at meal time, story time, or bedtime, and gently snuffing it out afterwards does much to establish a mood of reverence and gratitude, and mark the transitions of the day.

This gracefully-shaped Mini Brass Candle Snuffer allows one to gently snuff a candle while keeping one's hand away from the flame.

Here's a little verse to say with children when lighting a candle:

Fire spirits, fire sprites,
Share with us your golden light.
Come for us our candle light.

Once you have snuffed the candle, watch the "smoke fairies" fly away!

A nice addition to use with our Waldorf Birthday Ring Set.

Use only with adult supervision

  • SIZE : 3" handle with a hinged bell that is 1.75"L and 1" diameter
  • MATERIALS : Brass
  • ORIGIN : Made in India
  • GIFT BAG : GIFT BAGS are available for this product.

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