The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book by Isabel Wyatt

The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book

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The Seven-Year-Old Wonder Book by Isabel Wyatt is an endearing collection of stories, as told to six-year-old Sylvia by her mother and other beloved beings in her life, both human and fairy folk.

Before going to sleep at night, Sylvia leaves her Wonder Book on her bedside table and asks the rhyme-elves to write a poem for her during the night. When she wakes up the following morning, a new poem and a beautiful drawing have appeared in the Wonder Book! 

The stories describe far-off lands, brave knights, wise princesses, good-hearted children, and fairies. The book weaves Sylvia's own adventures throughout the seasons of the year, leading up to her special seventh birthday.  

Brimming with magical poetry, this delightful book will enthrall children who are newly seven, or approaching the age of seven.

This is a wonderful read-aloud book that will be enjoyed by seven-year-olds of all ages!

About the Author:

Isabel Wyatt was born in England in 1901. A master storyteller, she taught young children for many years. Wyatt also authored other story collections such as Magical Wonder Tales: King Beetle Tamer and Other StoriesThe Book of Fairy Princes, Homer's Odyssey (a retelling), and The Legends of King Arthur, among others.

Softcover, 3rd Revised Edition (2013), 160 pages

  • SIZE : 8.5" x 5.5" x .5"
  • AGES : Ages 6-8
  • ORIGIN : Made in United Kingdom
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