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The Tear: A Children's Story of Transformation and Hope When a Loved One Dies

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The topic of dying and loss is beautifully cast for children to understand in The Tear: A Children's Story of Transformation and Hope When a Loved One Dieswritten and beautifully illustrated by Nancy Jewel Poer.

This story follows the relationship between Joey and his grandmother, along with their many happy adventures together.

Joey comes to realize that the loss of his grandmother in the physical world does not mean he has lost her love. This tale gently explains to children that even in death, a presence from loved ones continues to be felt. Joey knowingly tells his parents that gratitude and the warm memories they have shared will keep their loving connection alive in his heart. 

Use this book to help a child navigate the mysterious transformation between the physical and spiritual world during difficult times that need a gentle explanation. 

About the Author: 

Nancy Jewel Poer is the mother of 6 children and grandmother of 17. She is nationally recognized for her engaging lectures on Waldorf education, parenting, and child development, as well as for her work on the subjects of death and dying. First assisting with home births, Nancy later felt called to do pioneering work assisting families with home deaths, which she has done now for more than 35 years.

She is also the author of the children's picture book Mia's Apple Tree.

Softcover; 30 pages; full color illustrations. Recommended for ages 4-9.

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