Wooden Rope Ladder
Rope Ladder with Hardwood Maple Rungs

Wooden Rope Ladder - Indoor/Outdoor

$ 30.00

Perfect for Outdoor or Indoor play, our Wooden Rope Ladder features smoothly-sanded wooden rungs made of solid maple, hung from sturdy weather-resistant rope.

Providing a safe and secure way to climb, this sturdy ladder will allow children age 5 and up to clamber up and down, developing their gross-motor skills while engaging their imaginations, whether they're a pirate climbing up to the crow's nest, a fireman to the rescue, or the witch climbing Rapunzel's hair.

Children are born to climb! Climbing offers children the following benefits:

  • Strengthens the Cardiovascular System
  • Develops Flexibility
  • Builds Upper Body Strength and Grip
  • Develops Leg Strength and Coordination

Adult assembly and installation required. When hanging outdoors, be sure to hang above a soft surface like sand or wood chips.

  • SIZE : 6 feet long
  • CAPACITY : Up to 105 pounds
  • MATERIALS : Solid maple and weather resistant rope
  • ORIGIN : Made in China

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