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Wooden Toy Sword & Dragon Shield Set

Wooden Toy Sword & Dragon Shield Set

$ 29.00

This quality Wooden Sword and Shield Set is imported from Germany and comes with everything a knight in training needs: an elegant sword, a protective shield with a dragon emblem, and an adjustable rope belt with a leather sword holder.


Playing knights was always a favorite game in my kindergarten class. If a child wished to play with a sword, he or she first had to be "knighted." This meant putting on a silk cape and sitting on a special bench.

The child would put on a silk cape and sit on a special bench. I would then hold up the sword and the ceremony would proceed as follows:

MISS SARAH: John Andrew Young, have you been good?
CHILD: Oh, yes!
MISS SARAH: Have you been true?
CHILD: Oh, yes!
MISS SARAH: Have you heard the stars singing in the sky?
CHILD: Oh, yes!
MISS SARAH: Here is your sword. Use it for right [touching right shoulder with tip of sword], to carry the light [touching left shoulder]. Not for some silly quarrel or fight [handing sword to child].

This little ritual let children know it was an honor to be a knight and that swords were symbols of courage, not harm. And, yes, girls wanted to be knighted, too! Remember Joan of Arc? 

Paint is lead-free and toy is CPSIA-compliant, meeting exacting US and EU standards for toy safety.

Note: We regret that the Fleur de Lis shield in the second photo is no longer available.

    • SIZE : Sword - 19 inches long; Shield - 13.50 x 10.75 inches
    • MATERIALS : Wooden sword and shield. Shield paint is lead-free and CPSIA-compliant. Belt is made of sturdy woven hemp rope and leather.
    • ORIGIN : Made in Germany
    • GIFT BAG : Gift bags are unavailable for this product due to the size or shape of the item.

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