Kalimba Thumb Piano - Pentatonic

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The perfect instrument for someone who is "all thumbs!"

This 8-note Pentatonic Thumb Piano (also called a kalimba or mbira) is a traditional African instrument, with a pleasing, gentle sound.

It is easily played by pressing down and releasing any key with the thumbs. Once released, the vibration resonates in the dished body. The 5-notes that make up the pentatonic scale are always in harmony with each other, so that even beginner musicians can enjoy making beautiful tunes. The size and sturdy design of this thumb piano make it a perfect choice for even the youngest musicians. 

Unlike playing a traditional scale from left to right, one starts with the low note in the center and alternates left and right thumbs to move up the scale from the center outward.

Comes with instructions for playing and care. 

Hand crafted in the USA from sustainably-grown North American cherry wood.

SIZE : approximately 6" x 4" x 1½"

AGES : 6 years to adult



More About This Product

Pentatonic instruments are used in Waldorf education for accompanying stories and puppet plays. The open-ended and harmonious tones calm children and add have a dream-like quality that's never loud or jolting.

See also our Diatonic Kalima Thumb Harp, which has 12 notes in the diatonic scale.

Kalimba Thumb Piano, Pentatonic, Cherry Wood, USA

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