Maileg Shipping

If you received a message at checkout that said, “This item is not available for distribution in OH or PA and cannot be shipped to those states,” we apologize for any confusion and hope the following explanation helps to clarify the situation and the reason for this message. 

State regulations in Pennsylvania and Ohio require the use of all new materials in toy stuffing, which deters many brands from using sustainable recycled material. Manufacturers who do choose recycled materials are unable to sell their products in these states. To comply with and adhere to the rules our distributors must follow, we are unable to ship the Maileg collection to our customers who live in those three states. 

This is not a choice that we have control over. These laws have been on the books since 1961 and don't take into account the current safe and innovative practices used to create recycled materials.  

At Bella Luna, we believe strongly in sustainable practices and support brands working to lessen the toll on our planet by using recycled materials. We are hopeful that these three states will look more closely at these laws and consider the impact they are having on bringing high-quality, sustainable toys to market. If you want to learn more and help create change around this issue, this petition is a great resource. 

The following companies or products are also affected by this law and will not ship to Pennsylvania and Ohio:  

  • All Heavy Baby Waldorf Dolls 
  • All Fairy Shadow Collection  
  • Efie Collection  
  • Jack Be Nimble Costumes 
  • Papoose’s Collection 
  • Bunnies in a Carrot Product  
  • Olli Ella’s Holdie Folk Collection