Make Your Own Papyrus Kit

Make Your Own Papyrus Kit

Learn to make papyrus the way the ancient Egyptians did thousands of years ago!

Each kit contains the inner piths of the papyrus plant with instructions on how to soak, roll and weave them into a usable piece of paper to write or paint on.

Note: Allow approximately 10 days for the entire process of making papyrus from this kit.

Kit makes 1 sheet of papyrus about 4 X 6 inches

Ages 7 and up

Recommended by Christopherus Homeschool Resources for 5th grade study of Ancient Egypt.

More About This Product

Imagine a time when there was no paper in the world. That was the case thousands of years ago, until the ancient Egyptians invented the processing of Cyperous Papyrus marsh plant into papyrus sheets.

Now you have the chance to feel the excitement experienced by the ancient Egyptians when they discovered a way to transport the written word. Prior to that time, all writing was engraved on heavy stones and rocks which were immobile. This discovery led humans to be able to send letters and read books!

Make Your Own Papyrus Kit

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