Explore Our Exclusive Playsilks & Find 50 Ways To Play

Explore Our Exclusive Playsilks & Find 50 Ways To Play

Playsilks have long been a staple in Waldorf classrooms, homes and here at Bella Luna Toys. We are beyond excited to announce our very own exclusive collection, the Northern Coast Playsilks Collection, created through an exclusive collaboration with Sarah's Silks for Bella Luna Toys. The lustrous colors were inspired by an idyllic summer day, exploring the islands of Midcoast Maine, the long-time home of Bella Luna Toys.

The names of these rich colorways evoke the spirit of the woods and waters; fiddlehead, gooseberry, moss agate, rosehip, and tidewater, names that reflect the natural beauty of the northern coast. Our vibrant collection of Northern Coast Playsilks includes playsilks, mini playsilks, garlands, tutus, capes, crowns,  and mini streamers. 
Imagine filling baskets with fiddleheads and rosehips, hunting for nautical treasures in tidewater pools, and watching vibrant sunsets where the sea and forest meet. Come along with us on a nature-inspired adventure with the Northern Coast Playsilks collection. 

Northern Coast Playsilk collection exclusive to Bella Luna Toys with 5 solid color play silks and two ombre enchanted playsilk blends

The Northern Coast collection brings five new solid color playsilks and two enchanted ombre blends reminiscent of the Maine local flora and fauna, and the expansive, beautiful scenery. 

Three new playsilk colors two new playsilk colors

Playsilks are a timeless open-ended toy. They can be enjoyed by curious toddlers, playful preschoolers, creative school-aged children and well beyond. The simplicity of a playsilk is where it's magic lies - for the simplest things can be turned into anything with a bit of imagination.

The first thing about Waldorf toys is they should be nourishing to the senses - a playsilk is the perfect example of this. The soft, cool feeling of running one through your hands, the edges that can tickle, the lustrous colors and shimmer. They are not only captivating to children's senses but to their imaginations as well. 

In most Waldorf classrooms, you will find a basket of playsilks. Many parents often seem confused at first by how a simple square of fabric can be a toy. These silks require seeing beyond what is right in front of you, a hallmark of open-ended toys. They require children to think creatively and expansively. Today we would like to share with you 50 ways to play with play silks to spark your imagination and help you dive into playsilk play. 

New Mountain Meets Sea playsilk collection avaible only at Bella Luna Toys

50 Ways To Play With Playsilks

1. Make a watering hole for animals to visit

2. Play the floor is lava and use playsilks to get from one place to another

3. Tie one between two chair legs to make a hammock for a baby doll

4. Add a few to big pot of water and make "soup"

5. Tie one to the end of a stick to make a flag

6. Drape one on your shoulders to make a superhero cape

7. Tie one around one shoulder to become a sling for a doll

8. Tie one around the waist to become a pirate's belt

9. Pretend to sail a boat across a blue silk

10. Use as a blanket for a doll

11. Drape them over chairs or tables to make a fort

12. Hang one in front of a window to make a shadow puppet theater

13. Use as a bandage while playing doctor

14. Tie on a stick to form a little collection pouch

15. Dance with them!

16. Use red to make a campfire and roast marshmallows

17. Use green to make a grassy field 

18. Make a moat around a castle you've built

19. Bring one outside and toss it up into the wind; see how it floats and flies

20. Ball them up and practice juggling

Ombre blend playsilk from Bella Luna Northern Coast Collection in Forest Fog

21. Braid them together to make a long Rapunzel braid

22. Use one as a veil on your head

23. Play color matching with a rainbow playsilk

24. Throw a birthday party for a stuffed animal. Wrap gifts in playsilks

25. Use yellow to make the sun

26. Spell out words by forming the silk to make letters

27. Form them into a balance beam to walk at different angles

28. Use as a tablecloth for a tea party

29. Play peek-a-boo with a baby

30. Teach children to braid by tying three together and let them practice

Child holding a gooseberry playsilk from Bella Luna Toy's exclusive Northern Coast Collection

31. Tie to a stuffed animal to make them a parachute

32. Create a nature play scene, using different color silks as different landscapes

33. Create a house out of blocks and drape a silk overtop to make it a tent

34. Practice tying knots and making bows

35. Tie around the waist to make a fairy skirt

36. Tie two together at the shoulders to make a knights tunic

37. Practice form drawing by making the forms with a silk

38. Display them in seasonal colors on a nature table

39. Make a colorful bunting by tying them together in triangle shapes

40. Tie several to a tree limb to make a colorful veil to run through

41. Make a nest 

42. See what shapes you can make

43. Create a sling for a pretend broken arm

44. Make a jumping game. Start with the playsilk rolled up into a tight line, then spread the silk wider and wider to see how wide you can get your jumps

45. Make faces out of household objects and use silks as the hair

46. Hang from a door frame to make streamers

47. Play in the bathtub - make bubbles and watch how they move through the water

48. Make a leash for a stuffed animal

49. Use as a headscarf to pretend to be a little old lady

50. Design outfits for dolls

Two children playing with playsilks, wearing silk bunny ears from the new Bella Luna Toys exclusive collection of Northern Coast Playsilks

There are even more imaginative ways to use and play with playsilks we haven't listed. Share some of your favorites we missed in the comments! We are so excited to introduce Bella Luna's exclusive line of playsilks, The Northern Coast Playsilk Collection, and look forward to seeing all of the magical play they inspire. Don't forget to share your play with us on Instagram @bellalunatoys and use the hashtag #bellalunatoys. Happy playing!

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