Making music builds kids brains, and Bella Luna Toys is proud to offer families a large selection of acoustic instruments to help develop a child's sense of rhythm and melody.

Our unique collection includes rhythm instruments for babies and toddlers; pentatonic flutes and harps; glockenspiels and xylophones; kalimbas ukuleles; and more.

Making music provides many benefits for children including boosting math and reading skills, improving memory, building social skills and confidence. But best of all, making music brings the joy of self-expression!

Music Wands - Heart Bestseller

Magic Music Wand

$ 8.00

Wooden Thumb Piano Kalimba, Blue

Kalimba - Thumb Piano

$ 29.00

Plan Toys Solid Drum, Wooden Toy Drum Bestseller

Solid Drum

$ 23.00

Plan Toys Oval Wooden Xylophone Toy

Oval Xylophone

$ 23.00

HABA Shakin Eggs Wooden Musical Rattles

Shakin' Eggs - Wooden Rattles

$ 20.00

Plan Toys, Clatter, Musical Toys | Bella Luna Toys

Clatter - Wooden Musical Toy

$ 20.00

Pentatonic Wooden Flute Bestseller

Pentatonic Wooden Flute

$ 132.00

Claves, Rhythm Sticks, Fair Trade, Coconut

Claves - Rhythm Sticks

$ 13.00

Baby Bear Wooden Rattle Shaker - Baby Grasping Toy - Green Tones

Baby Bear Wooden Rattle Shaker

$ 12.00

Kids Handmade Double-Sided Drum, Peru

Kids Hand Drum, Handmade in Peru

$ 36.00

Triangle Castanet - Kids Wooden Musical Instrument

Wooden Triangle Castanet

$ 10.00

Auris Pentatonic Glockenspiel Curved Bestseller

Curved Pentatonic Glockenspiel

$ 99.00

Stirring Xylophone - Wooden Toy Musical Instrument

Wooden Stirring Xylophone

$ 15.00

Auris Pentatonic Children's 7-String Harp Lyre Kinderharp - Bella Luna Toys

Pentatonic Children's Harp - Kinder Lyre

$ 225.00

kala mahogany soprano ukulele learn to play starter kit

Mahogany Soprano Ukulele - Learn to Play Starter Kit

$ 85.00

Tuning Wrench, Pentatonic Lyre, Kinder Harp

Tuning Wrench

$ 8.00

Jamtown Junior, Kids Rhythm Instruments Set

Jamtown Junior Rhythm Pack

$ 56.00

Choroi Pentatonic Flute Oil

Flute Oil

$ 14.00

Wooden Crocodile Glockenspiel Xylophone Alligator

Wooden Crocodile Xylophone

$ 129.00

Choroi Pentatonic Kinder Harp | Lyre Replacement Strings Set

Choroi Pentatonic Harp - Replacement Strings Set

$ 54.00

jamtown multicultural family musical rhythm instruments pack

Jamtown Multicultural Family Pack

$ 135.00

12-String Diatonic Lyre

12-String Diatonic Lyre

$ 350.00

Choroi Pentatonic Harp | Kinder Lyre

Choroi Pentatonic Harp with Wooden Case

$ 714.00

Choroi Hardwood Case for Pentatonic Children's Harp - Kinder Lyre Exclusive

Wooden Case for Choroi Pentatonic Harp

$ 140.00

Choroi Pentatonic Harp | Kinder Lyre Bestseller

Choroi Pentatonic Harp - Kinder Lyre

$ 610.00

Green Tones - Wooden Slide Whistle - Kids' Musical Instrument - Bella Luna Toys Sold Out

Wooden Slide Whistle - Kids' Musical Instrument

$ 10.00

Wooden Kazoo - Bella Luna Toys Sold Out

Wooden Kazoo

$ 10.00

Auris Pentatonic Glockenspiel - Wooden Musical Instrument - Bella Luna Toys Sold Out

Children's Pentatonic Glockenspiel

$ 78.00

Kids Lap Harp - Zither | Bella Luna Toys Sold Out

Wooden Zither - Lap Harp

$ 45.00

Plan Toys Melody Xylophone - Kids Metal Xylophone Sold Out

Melody Xylophone

$ 35.00

Korg Electronic Tuner Sold Out

Korg Electronic Tuner

$ 24.00

Sun Moon Star Drum Sold Out

Sun Moon Star Drum

$ 40.00