About Bella Luna Toys

We Believe in Play

We believe that play is the foundation of learning and a lifelong practice. Our toys are powered by imagination,promote open-ended play, and encourage children to explore their world in creative ways. 

We aim to nurture the magic of childhood and enhance meaningful and joyful moments with your family. 

Child playing on a wooden rocker board

We Believe in Safety and Sustainability 

We focus on sourcing high-quality toys that are beautiful and nourish the senses. Bella Luna Toys strives to offer the highest quality and safest products on the market.  

We believe in protecting the planet for future generations. Our curated selection brings awareness to sustainable practices and encourages thoughtful purchases. We scour the globe to source products from companies who align with these values.  

We Believe in Community and Connection 

It is our mission to support families and educators as they explore the joyful learning and open-ended play inherent in early childhood. Whether you are a teacher, homeschooler, or simply want to incorporate more Waldorf activities into your daily life, our social media channels and Moon Child blog are rich resources for crafts, tutorials and helpful parenting content.    

Our team has years of experience supporting customers and are always happy to answer your questions, help select toys, and more.  

Thank you for trusting us and bringing Bella Luna Toys into your hearts, hands, and homes. Here’s to a lifetime of play!  

Fairy and gnome toys placed on a wooden dollhouse outside in a forest

A Brief History of Bella Luna Toys

Bella Luna Toys was founded in 2002 by Maya Rachiolaas, the very first online source for Waldorf toys and supplies.

In 2009, Sarah Baldwin, M.S.Ed., Waldorf educator, purchased Bella Luna Toys, and relocated the business to her home in Maine. She expanded the business to offer educational and parenting videos and the Moon Child Blog to make Waldorf education and learning accessible and far-reaching.

Over the next 12 years the company continued to grow and expand, becoming a top source of Waldorf inspired wooden toys designed to engage the senses and encourage open-ended play.

In 2021, Bella Luna joined forces with the HABA FAMILYGROUP, a family-owned company that aligned with Sarah's values and vision while allowing for the continued growth of the company. Not to mention, Bella Luna Toys has carried HABA's beautiful high-quality wooden toys for more than 20 years!

At the close of 2022, Sarah retired and is looking forward to years of writing, travel and adventure. The team that she hand-selected and nurtured over the years continues to follow the strong vision that makes Bella Luna so unique.

We continue to learn and grow as a company and are committed to offering the highest quality toys that inspire lifelong curiosity and play.

Bella Luna Toys through the Years

  • 2002 - Bella Luna is founded by Maya Rachliola as the first online source for Waldorf supplies and toys. 

  • 2009 - Sarah Baldwin M.S.Ed., Waldorf early childhood educator, purchases Bella Luna Toys, relocates the business to her home in Maine. She expands to offer Waldorf educational and parenting videos and launches Moon Child blog.  

  • 2011 - Bella Luna Toys moves to a new warehouse and office space in Rockland, Maine including a showroom and outlet store.  

  •  2011-2020 - Bella Luna Toys continues to grow, doubling warehouse size and staff quickly becomes a top source for Waldorf inspired wooden toys.   

  • 2021 - HABA FAMILYGROUP, a family-owned German company specializing in wooden toys since 1938 purchases Bella Luna Toys. 

  • 2022 - Bella Luna Toys celebrates 20 Years of play.  Bella Luna Toys relocates to HABA USA headquarters in Skaneateles, NY. Sarah Baldwin retires.  

  • 2023 - HABA FAMILYGROUP  celebrates their 85th anniversary, making it one of the oldest toy companies in the world. 

  • TODAY - The Bella Luna Toys team, continues to fulfill the mission of offering children's products from around the world selected for their play value, design, and quality. Our company is proud to be the go-to source for Waldorf and wooden toys.