Fall leaf rubbings with Stockmar beeswax crayons

30 Days of Joy and Gratitude in November

Join us in welcoming November, a crisp and blustery month that reminds us of everything we're thankful for. During this month, you can rake leaves, create a family tree and make a gratitude jar. Put on your warmest Autumn clothes and follow along with our latest calendar!

November Activity Calendar at Bella Luna Toys

November's calendar is available for download here. Bookmark it or print it out to hang in your home!

1 Knit a scarf

2 Drink hot cocoaTwo cups of hot cocoa with cinnamon on the rim

9 Make a wreath

3 Make a leaf mask

4 Roast vegetables

5 Climb a tree

6 Go apple picking

7 Get into a new rhythm (set clocks back)

8 Make a Martinmas lantern A handmade Martinmas lantern glowing in the twilight

9 Make a wreath

10 Play with a spinning top

11 Go birdwatching

12 Bake an apple cakeA homemade apple cake on a wooden table with a metal spoon

13 Jump in a pillow pile

14 Rake leaves

15 Go on a wagon ride

16 Roast chestnuts

17 Read "Woody, Hazel and Little Pip"

18 Watch the sunset

19 Learn about hibernation

20 Have a pillow fight

21 Write a thank you card for an essential workerHandwritten thank you cards of many colors and some tulips on a marble table

9 Make a wreath/>

22 Visit a farmer's market

23 Create a family tree

24 Bake a pie

25 Make a gratitude jar

26 Take a family photo

27 Send a letter to a loved one

28 Light the first Advent candle

29 Journal about your day

30 Make a cranberry garland A handmade cranberry and popcorn string garland

Share your play with us on Instagram by tagging @BellaLunaToys and using the hashtag #BellaLunaToys. Wishing you a month of love and togetherness!

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