30 Days of September Fun

30 Days of September Fun

September Calendar of Ideas

Happy September! This is the month for school to resume, for apples waiting to be picked and for the summer heat to turn to cooler, autumn days.

We hope you'll enjoy another month of fun ideas and activities you can enjoy with your family!

01 Make an apple stamp craft

02 Create recycled paper hats

03 Make some foliage sun prints

04 Try your hand at butter churning

Butter Churner - Bella Luna Toys

05 Make back-to-school pencil holders

06 Enjoy our weaving tutorial from @peacewithnaturehandwork

07 Paint with watercolors

08 Make a garland of leaves

09 Have a Teddy Bear Picnic

10 Bake homemade bread

Baking Bread - Bella Luna Toys

11 Collect and paint acorns

12 Make a pear and clove centerpiece

13 Celebrate National Grandparents Day

14 Rotate your toys

15 Hang some homemade wind chimes

Wind Chimes - Bella Luna Toys Blog

16 Learn about bird migration

17 Read books about harvest

18 Stamp leaves into salt dough

19 Make a pinecone bird feeder

Homemade Pinecone Feeder - Bella Luna Toys

20 Visit a local farm (or farmstand!)

21 Make beeswax candles

22 Create a fall nature table

23 Create terrariums from mason jars

24 Learn autumn verses

25 Make a fairy treehouse

Fairy House in the Woods - Bella Luna Toys

26 Mail homemade cards to family

27 Collect some toys to donate

28 Camp out in the yard or living room

29 Learn words in sign language

30 Play hopscotch

Play Hopscotch - Bella Luna Toys Blog

You can download and print our September calendar right here!

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