7 Simple Activities For Screen Free Week

7 Simple Activities For Screen Free Week

The Waldorf pedagogy has always encouraged no or low media for young children but in today's world it can be harder and harder for parents to stick to strict media rules. With screens everywhere you turn, apps designed to grab and hold children's attention for as long as possible, and peer pressure to play the latest digital game, children are spending more and more time on digital devices than ever before.

This week we want to encourage you to join us while we unplug for Screen Free Week for the whole family. To help we've rounded up some of our favorite simple activities for you to imagine, create, and connect with your children—all without a screen in sight!

7 Simple Screen Free Activities 

1) Recycle children's artwork into DIY Puzzles

We love this activity because you can make it as simple or challenging as you want! Upcycle your children's art or find interesting images from a magazine or old book. You may want to laminate the art if the paper is delicate, but if you are using sturdy watercolor paper then you can skip that step.

On the back of your artwork have your child draw the lines that you will use to cut out the puzzle pieces. You can create a grid, or unique shapes! All that's left to do is cut along the lines, mix up your pieces and put the puzzle back together.

2) Bake bread and churn butter

When the daily activity includes a snack, we are always fans! Have your children practice their kitchen skills: scooping, measuring and stirring to make a tasty loaf of bread. Use our Glass Butter Churn to turn heavy cream into a delicious addition to your fresh baked bread.

3) Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Make a list of your favorite nature finds and head outside! Spot the treasures with your eyes (like birds and bugs!) or gather some up in a basket to use in an art project or nature table display. Some of our favorite things to find are unique shaped rocks, moss and lichen, acorns, wildflowers, and mushrooms.

4) Play your favorite board games outside

Pack a picnic and your favorite games (bonus points for nature themes) for a trip to the park or even just your back yard. Soak up the sunshine while taking turns, rolling dice and enjoying quality time together.

5) Paint a still life picture

Place a bowl of fruit, vase of flowers or stack of objects on the table and marvel at the masterpieces they create! For a fun alternative, place a mirror nearby and have them try their hand at self portraits.

6) Roll and decorate beeswax candles

Our children love the ritual of lighting a candle at the dinner table each night. Make it even more meaningful with a handmade beeswax candle. Use Stockmar Modeling Beeswax to add decorations and make the candles truly unique.

7) Make nature potions outside

Messy, unscripted play is an important part of childhood and one of our favorite ways to present this opportunity is through nature potion play! You can mix up a sparkling fairy elixir or make a stone soup. Whatever will get your child's imagination flying.

We like to include water, vinegar, baking soda, ice, dried flowers, and found objects from the garden and backyard. Stir your concoction together with a stick and see what sorts of imaginary play they inspire.


We hope you'll join us for Screen Free Week and enjoy hours of imaginary play and creativity! We'd love to hear your favorite activities to get your children moving and shaking without a screen.

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