Celebrate Martinmas: DIY Lanterns

Celebrate Martinmas: DIY Lanterns

The festival of Martinmas is an observance of the light within us all during the darkest season of the year. This festival is celebrated in Waldorf schools and homes across the globe on November 11th. The traditional lantern walk is an opportunity for reflection and looking inward.

We asked Jillian of Little Minds Creative, to share how she and her children create their own customized Martinmas lanterns.

Gather Your Materials

Recycled glass jar
Tracing paper
Watercolors, beeswax crayons, or markers 
Modge podge or glue that will dry clear
Yarn, twine, or wire to hang the jar
Battery powered lights or candles 
Celebrating Martinmas - Create your own Lantern - Bella Luna Toys

Assembling Your Lantern

Make sure your jar is clean and dry then set it aside.
Create a design on tracing paper with your medium of choice. Jillian used Stockmar watercolors, but you could also use beeswax crayons, markers, or tempera paints. This design can be anything you or your child want to create. This is where they can make the lantern their own. Keep in mind the size of the jar while creating the artwork. 
Once your artwork is dry cut it into strips that will fit around the jar. Paint modge podge on your jar and carefully lay the paper on top. Use the brush to cover paper with a thin layer of the glue and smooth it over the jar. Set it aside to dry completely. 
To create a hanging lantern, use yarn, twine, or wire to wrap around the top of the jar. Jillian used yarn and hot glue to secure it to the jar. 
Add your light to the jar. This can be battery powered fairy lights or a beeswax candle, depending on your child's age and ability.
Children celebrate Martinmas Waldorf Festival with homemade lanterns - Bella Luna Toys
The children can carry their lantern by the string, or tie them to a stick to carry on their lantern walk. Observing the flickering light through their art work is a beautiful way to reflect on the light within themselves.

Thank you Jillian for this beautiful craft! Follow along on her Instagram for more Waldorf inspired crafts.

You can read more about Martinmas in our recent blog post here. How will your family celebrate Martinmas this year?

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