A child reading Children of the Forrest by Elsa Beskow, holding a Waldorf doll.

Cozy Companions: Our Favorite Books and Stuffed Animal Pairings

We can’t think of a better combination than a sweet new stuffed friend and a wonderful book to curl up with at bed time. A special stuffed animal can turn a story from exciting to magical. Children love to bring their story books to life through play, connecting with the characters, and forming special bonds with their favorite bears, bunnies and gnomes. Here are some of our favorite Waldorf-inspired and classic books and stuffed animal pairings that will deepen your child's love of reading.

Child reading Children of the Forrest and holding a Nanchen waldorf baby doll.

Alex is reading Children of the Forest by Elsa Beskow and

cuddling his Organic Waldorf Baby Doll.

A Cozy Combo: Books and Stuffed Animal Pairings

Midsummer Tomte and the Little Rabbits - Hide-and-Seek Bunnies

The Midsummer Tomte and the Little Rabbits by Ulf Stark is a special story about a house tomte named Grump and a family of woodland rabbits and a midsummer celebration that gets turned upside down. Will Grump the Tomte help the rabbit family save the Midsummer celebration? Children will enjoy acting out the scenes of this timeless classic with these adorable Hide and Seek Bunnies in a Carrot Pouch.

Bliueberries for Sal & Senger Teddy Bear

There's no gift more classic than an heirloom teddy bear. Our Organic Floppy Beige Teddy Bear is handmade with organic materials and makes a perfect first best friend. Pair it with the ultimate classic picture book, Blueberries for Sal to create a gift that will last for the ages. 

Hello Farm & Senger Sheep Teething Ring

Children love imitating the funny sounds that farm animals make! Add this sweet organic Senger Sheep Teething Ring for a lovely new baby gift and a pairing that will make the colorful Hello Farm How Do You Do? Board Book even more engaging. 

Farmhouse book & Maileg Pig

To extend the farm theme, we couldn't resist sharing one of our favorites, Farmhouse, by award winning author and illustrator, Sophie Blackall. Follow along on a journey of the lives lived in this farmhouse over time including the lines on the wall that mark the children’s growth; the “serious room” where the family gathers to discuss important things, the attic where all the children sleep, and the farmhouse where the cows must be milked “no matter the weather.” Cuddling a linen Maileg Lullaby Pig with Blanket will make this story time extra sweet and snuggly.

Rosalind and the little deer & Senger warming deer

Prance through the day into cozy story time with this delightful deer pairing. One of favorite Elsa Beskow stories is Rosalind and the Little Deer  which tells the story of a young child who loves to play with her little deer under the shade of a lime tree until the deer is captured by the mighty king. As your child follows Rosalind's journey to free her deer friend, your little one can hold onto the steady comfort and warmth provided by the Senger Deer Warming Pillow

Dragonology & Midnight Dragon

Fly on the wings of dragons and enter the world of magic and wonder with this perfect set for dragon-lovers and fantasy enthusiasts. Our bestselling book, Dragonology is filled with amazing dragon facts and illustration and our Tikiri Midnight Dragon stuffed animal is a whimsical starry dragon that is organic and has a super soft plush body, making it extra snuggly and certain to not breath fire!

Peter Rabbit & Senger Floppy Bunny

For another timeless classic pairing and ideal baby gift, this combination hits all the marks. Pair our board book version of the Beatrix Potter's beloved The Tale of Peter Rabbit  with the vintage quality of our Organic Floppy Senger Bunny that gets softer with the more cuddles and love it receives and watch as your little one hops into bedtime cuddling their favorite floppy friend.

 Pelle's New Suit by Elsa Beskow - Senger Lamb

Pelle's New Suit by Elsa Beskow  is a classic spring story about a growing boy who needs a new suit and a lamb who needs a haircut. Children can read this seasonal classic while snuggling a sweet Organic Senger Floppy Lamb who won't need to be sheared but will enjoy hearing about the other lambs that get haircuts!


We hope these classic books and stuffed animals spark your children's imagination and love of reading. What are your favorite Waldorf books and stories? 

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