Waldorf teacher gift for back to school

A Simple Back-to-School Teacher Gift

School is back in session. In the spirit of all that our wonderful educators have been through over the past year, we came up with a simple gift to show gratitude with this handcrafted candle holder.

Waldorf school back to school teacher gift candle holder diy

Make 3 Ingredient Dough

In a small pan, over low heat, combine ingredients. Stir continuously until the mixture begins to thicken. Remove from heat when the dough comes together. Do not overcook. Set dough aside to cool under a damp cloth for 10 minutes, then knead together to form a ball. If the dough is still sticky, add more cornstarch.

Dough and cookie cutters for a child craft teacher gift

Create or Cut Out Shapes

Grab a chunk of dough and roll it out to be roughly ¼ inch thick. Children can use their hands to press and shape the candle holder or use a rolling pin and cookie cutters for a more polished finish. Avoid making the dough too thick to avoid excess drying time.

Sun shaped cookie cutter and dough - solstice candle holder teacher gift

Create a Well to Hold a Candle 

Press the base of a candle, or our brass candle holders, into the dough to create a well for your candle to sit. You may also use a small cookie cutter to cut a circle making sure your candle will fit inside.

Brass candle holder birthday ring inserts next to a sun made of clay

The dough will shrink a little bit during the drying process, so make the hole ever so slightly larger than the holder, or keep the candle holder in place. Set your project aside for about 24 hours, or until thoroughly dried, depending on your climate.

Sun and moon candle holder diy waldorf teacher gift back to school

Finish with Paint

Once your candle holder is fully dry, remove the brass insert and candle. Use the paint of your choice to let your child decorate the candle holder’s base. We used Stockmar watercolors but avoided getting the candle holder too wet, as the dough could start to get mushy. Handle with care during this process to prevent cracking.

DIY kids craft candle holder

Add a candle and let your child give one to their favorite teacher, front office staff, or school directors! They will love this practical handmade gift, perfect to keep on their desk and appreciate in a quiet moment during the school day.

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Waldorf teacher gift kids diy craft for back to school

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