Felt Easter Craft

Craft Felted Egg Baskets

In this sweet Easter basket craft, we'll be using the art of felting to create a beautiful basket perfect for gathering springtime treasures. Inspired by the natural beauty of the Waldorf philosophy, this craft celebrates simplicity, creativity, and the wonders of the season. Join us on a journey of crafting magic as we weave together wool fibers to create a one-of-a-kind Easter basket that will bring a touch of handmade love to your Easter celebrations!

This beautiful craft was created by Nicole Shiffler. See more of her lovely work HERE.

Three small felted baskets made out of wool roving in purple, light blue, and orange with a yellow stripe across the top. The purple basket holds two colored eggs

Gather Your Supplies:

These are the ingredients for this project:

Felted Easter basket craft

Create your Felted Basket:

 Step 1: Choose the colors of your felt roving. Make your bowl all one color or create a fun pattern by layering multiple colors. 

Felted Easter Basket diy craft.


Step 2: Wrap your roving around ½ of the foam ball. Hold the roving against the ball and begin needle felting. This process will take a while, so keep at it! As your fibers come together you may need to add more roving to achieve your desired thickness. 

Felted Easter Basket diy craft.


Step 3: Continue pushing the needles into the fibers all over the wool bowl shape. At this point you could add a letter or design on the outside of the bowl. Once the fibers are fully integrated gently peel the bowl off of the form. 

Felted Easter Basket diy craft.


Step 4: Set your bowl on the foam pad and use the felting needles to work on the fibers inside of the bowl until they are fully integrated.

Felted Easter Basket diy craft.


Step 5: You can create a handle from wool roving by needle felting a rectangle then using your felting needle to attach it to each side, or make a finger knit handle from yarn! 

Felted Easter Basket diy craft.


Step 6: Enjoy your new creation!

Felted Easter Basket diy craft.


We hope your spring is filled with engaging fun and heaps of family laughter and love, and a few crafternoons spent together. Share your play, crafts, reading, learning or anything magical with us on Instagram @bellalunatoys and use our hashtag #bellalunatoys for a chance to be featured on our feed or stories. Happy crafting!

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