Nature wands with art supplies

Scavenge and Craft Nature Wands

A scavenging stick (or nature wand) is a stick that tells a story of your wild adventures. It is stick that allows all of the treasures you have found to be displayed and used for magic or storytelling. Maybe your stick can be the keeper of stories in the special fort you made out of the other sticks you’ve collected. Whatever you use it for, you can always add to your scavenging stick as each new treasure comes your way.

DIY Nature Wands

Gather Your Supplies:

These are the supplies for this project:

  • Stick
  • Nature treasures - rocks, leaves, etc
  • Yarn 
  • Paint and paint brush

DIY Nature Wands

Create your Nature Wand:

 Step 1: Find a stick that calls to you—one with a lot of personality—perhaps with a nice curve in it or lots of bumps. Once you find this magical stick, start to gather feathers, special stones, leaves, and your favorite craft supplies

DIY Nature Wands

Step 2: One option to start decorating your wand is to paint fun, colorful patterns to bring a touch of magic!

DIY Nature Wands

Step 3: Another option is to attach fun treasures, like rocks, buttons, and flowers with colorful and beautiful yarn.

DIY Nature Wands

Step 4: Have fun decorating your magical wands and let the adventures and fairytales begin!

DIY Nature Wands


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