Beeswax pumpkin luminaries fall candle diy

Easy Beeswax Pumpkin Candles

Celebrate the autumn equinox with these easy to make Beeswax Pumpkin Candles. 

Farmers markets and grocery stores are stocked with miniature pumpkins and gourds now that fall is in full swing. Any shapes and sizes will do for this simple and lovely craft. 

Use them on a dining table, along a mantle or even on porch steps to light the night all season long.

Beeswax pumpkin luminaries fall candle diy


  • Miniature pumpkins
  • Natural beeswax pellets or bars
  • Pre-made candle wicks or organic cotton twine
  • Sharp knife
  • Glass jar
  • Pot of hot water
Beeswax pumpkin luminaries fall candle diy

Start by carving out the stem of your pumpkin and scooping out the seeds, creating a well for your beeswax. You can also cut straight across the top, which will make a cute lid for your candle.

Once your pumpkin is hollow, place your beeswax in a glass jar and place it in your pot of hot water. Stir occasionally until the wax has fully melted.

If you’re using premade candle wicks, you can skip this step. If you plan to make your own, cut a length of cotton twine and attach a paper clip to each end. Lower the twine into the melted wax and let it sit until the cotton is fully saturated with wax. Pull it out slowly, pulling it taut so it dries straight. Once fully dry, cut to the appropriate length. You can attach a base (called a wick sustainer) to the wick if you have one.

Place your wick in the center of your pumpkin and pour the wax into the carved well, leaving a little space at the top. Support your wick by holding it in place or tying it with additional twine. Let sit until hardened completely.

Beeswax pumpkin luminaries fall candle diy
Set out your pumpkins and light them each evening throughout autumn. These are a wonderful addition to a Halloween party and even to the Thanksgiving table.

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  • Natalie Mahler

    My 9 yo daughter and I made these for our Thanksgiving table. They are adorable. Can’t wait to decorate with them!

    If making without wick sustainers (like we were), be aware that the bottom of the wick will drift when hot wax is poured around it. We found it easier to pour, place the wicks, and hold them in place by hand until the top dried enough. Strings holding wicks in place were difficult to remove if wax accidentally dribbled on them or they sagged down.

  • Bella Luna Toys

    Thanks for asking Ana! Regular kitchen twine works, but will work best if you prepare it by soaking it in melted bees wax first.

  • Bella Luna Toys

    That’s a great question Shama! They should last about as long as any carved pumpkin would, up to two weeks or so.

  • Shama

    How long do these last before getting moldy?

  • Ana

    Wow. This seems really easy and doable. Will regular kitchen twine work?

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