Give A Handcrafted Cozy House Bookmark

Give A Handcrafted Cozy House Bookmark

We are so excited to share a tutorial to make a bookmark from our friends at A Year and A Day Magazine. A Year and A Day is a seasonal Waldorf magazine for children that encourages curiosity and exploration of the natural world.

Printable Bookmark Tutorial from A Year and a Day Magainze

You will need

  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Colored pencils
  • Glue stick
  • Embroidery thread
  • Cardboard
  • Bookmark template

Color in the front template. This will be the front of your house. You can color in the windows to make it look like a light is glowing on the inside. The house in the model is a nice, safe, brick house for the three little pigs. Of course, it needs to be a house with a chimney!

Color in the back template. The only part that will be seen will be within the windows. We have created a festive mouse house with a fully trimmed tree and mouse children at play!

A child coloring the Printable Bookmark Tutorial from A Year and a Day Magainze

Get an adult to help with the cutting. Cut along all the solid black lines to cut out the front and back template

On the front template, cut the dotted gray line only. This will allow the windows and door to open to reveal the characters behind.

Spread glue everywhere on the back template except for where the windows are and then stick the front template to the back template

Printable Bookmark Tutorial from A Year and a Day Magainze

Next, you could make some smoke come out of the chimney of your bookmark by making a tassel

Get some smoke-gray colored embroidery thread (or another color if you like).

Cut a rectangle of cardboard, 10 cm x 5 cm. Wrap the embroidery thread around the cardboard until the wrapped thread is 1.5 cm wide. Repeat to make a second layer on top

Cut 10 cm of thread. Slide the looped yarn off the cardboard and place it on top of the 10 cm thread. Use the 10 cm thread to tie a knot around the looped thread

Fold the looped threads down. Snip through the looped ends

Next, take a 30 cm piece of embroidery thread and make a small loop at one end. Lay the small loop on top of the looped yarn.

Now wrap the rest of the thread over the loop to separate the 'head' and 'skirt' of the tassel. Put the end of the thread through the loop and pull the loop to secure. Use a darning needle to thread the loose ends back through the tassel

Make a small hole in the chimney of your bookmark and attach your tassel to the chimney

Printable Bookmark Tutorial from A Year and a Day Magainze

Explore A Year and a Day at Bella Luna Toys

Tuck your new bookmark into a favorite book or use it to decorate a gift for a book lover on your holiday list. We cannot wait to see how your bookmarks turned out. Tag us @BellaLunaToys on Instagram or use #BellaLunaToys to share your work.


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    This is such a beautiful craft! What wonderful presentation, thank you!

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