Draw Your Own Magical Halloween Windows

Draw Your Own Magical Halloween Windows

Window crayons are a creative way to decorate your house for fall and halloween! Even if you don’t have professional drawing skills, your children will surely find them magical! And be sure to include them in on the fun too!

Today Jessica, founder of Toymaking Magic, is showing you how to decorate beautiful fall and Halloween themed windows with Kitpas Window Crayons. Let loose and have fun!

Kitpas window crayons

All you need is windows and window crayons. The stick crayons are easiest to achieve even lines. 

Kitpas window crayons thick

The block ones are another option for decorating, though a bit harder to draw fine lines with.

2 sets of Kitpas window crayons from Bella Luna Toys

If you can only afford one pack, consider what’s most important to you, having the most colors (stick) or being able to achieve thick and thin marks (block).

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Someone washes a window with a red rag

Start by taking the opportunity to give your windows a good clean, inside and out. Shoo away the little spiders, be sure to thank them for contributing their halloween vibes, but send them on their way.

A piece of paper being sketched on

If you need some inspiration, do a google search of vector images, such as “pumpkin vectors”, “spider web vectors,” “fall wreath vector” etc.  Of course you can get right to it, or you can do some sketches on paper first to practice.

A person traces a design on the window with Kitpas window crayons

A good trick for making a nice round wreath is to trace a large plate on the outside of the window to use as a guide. Erase it once you’re done drawing your wreath.

No need to draw accurate leaves, the overlapping is what makes it look lovely. If you have any mess ups, simply grab your rag and carefully erase the offending marks.

Halloween window decorations drawn with Kitpas window crayons from Bella Luna Toys

A wreath would look especially lovely on a glass door. Berries and acorns add festive cheer!

A pumpkin drawn on window for Halloween decoration with Kitpas window crayons

The crayons are a little hard to control and get even lines, so Jessica suggests you just roll with it and emphasize the messy look by going over the drawing a second or third time. That also helps eliminate the pressure to try to draw anything perfectly.

Window decorated for Halloween and fall that says "Happy Fall Y'all".

Write a fall phrase such as 'Happy Halloween' or 'Welcome Autumn'. If you’d like to write a greeting for your neighbors, a trick is to sketch out the words on the outside of the window, then go inside and use it as a guide to write backwards. Erase the crayon on the outside once you’ve finished.

A person traces a squirrel on the window with Kitpas window crayons.

Try filling in large areas with texture instead of filling completely with color.

A squirrel drawn on a window with Kitpas window crayons for Halloween decoration.

What scenes remind you of autumn? Squirrels with acorns, hedgehogs, autumn trees?

A girl stands outside of window, lined up with the scarecrow window drawing.

How about drawing a “halloween costume” with the face left blank for silly Halloween pictures!

A spiderweb drawn on the window with Kitpas window crayons for Halloween decoration.

Simply clean drawings off with a microfiber rag, followed by a window rag. Use an older rag for crayon removal in case of staining. 

We hope these drawings inspire you and your children to decorate your windows for fall and for every changing season! 

Thank you Jessica for such a beautiful craft! For more wonderful ideas visit her website or follow along on Instagram.

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